ZJU-Cambridge Exploring a New Mode of Joint Training of International Medical Talents


On April 22, Prof. XU Xiaos Lab from Zhejiang University School of Medicine and Professor Kourosh Saeb-Parsys Lab from University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine successfully held the first Seminar, actively exploring the new mode of joint training of medical graduate students and outstanding young talents, focusing on cultivating medical talents with global vision and innovative vitality. Liu Youshi, vice president of Affiliated Hangzhou First People's Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine, PI from Key Laboratory of Integrated Oncology and Intelligent Medicine of Zhejiang Province, graduate students from Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Chinese Medical University attended the online discussion. This seminar was supported by Zhejiang University for international cooperation.

XU Lab from Zhejiang University

Kourosh Lab from University of Cambridge

Graduate students and post-docs from both sides reported their stage research achievements, after which their mentors and researchers gave cross-comments and guidance. This is the active exploration of joint training approach of graduate students made by Prof. XU Xiao and Prof. Kourosh under the epidemic. The research groups from both sides hold online seminars regularly.They communicate with each other about the achievements and bottlenecks in clinical and basic research in the previous stage. After brainstorming, sparks of thinking were generated and relevant research were promoted to a new level.

Xu Nan from ZJU (Master student)

Xiang Xiaonan from ZJU (PhD student)

Sandra Petrus-Reurer from Cambridge (Post-doctoral Scientist)

Bethany Bareham from Cambridge (PhD student)

Over the years, Prof. XU Xiao's group has actively explored international cooperation with the world's top universities and worked closely with The School of Clinical Medicine of the University of Cambridge, constantly exploring innovative new mode of joint cultivation of medical talents, and cultivated a number of high-level and high-quality medical talents with humanistic feelings and international vision. Xiang Xiaonan, the PhD student who participated in this report, has been awarded the qualification of government-sponsored study by China Scholarship Council and will go to University of Cambridge for further study this autumn.

Professor XU Xiao and graduate students

(Xiang Xiaonan is second to the right、Xu Nan is second to the left)