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Overview of clinical trial facilities

The clinical trial institution of Hangzhou First People's Hospital is composed of the office of the institution, phase I drug clinical research center, various professional departments, GCP pharmacy, GCP archives, etc. The director in charge is the director of the institution. Institutions office by the institution, organization secretary, deputy director of the office of the institutions, drug quality control member administrators, data administrators, such as personnel, a clear division of responsibilities, conform to the requirements of the post responsibility, continue to participate in national, provincial and hospital of GCP training, familiar with whole process of management in clinical trial and enforcement agencies strict management system and SOP.

Since November 2005, the first since the drug clinical trial institution qualification, this institution to undertake, including drugs, devices, in vitro diagnostic reagents, such as about 400 projects, more than 3000 people take part in the training of all kinds of clinical research, many national, provincial food and drug administration of the site inspection, accumulated rich experience in clinical research and management, showing a good development momentum.

Scope of projects undertaken by the institution: bioequivalence test/phase I drug clinical trial, phase II-IV drug clinical trial, medical device clinical trial, in vitro diagnostic reagent clinical trial.

Director: Lin Nengming
Deputy Director of GCP Office: Wang Fei

Office telephone: 0571-56007501
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Wechat official account: Hangzhou First People's Hospital clinical trial
Address: Room 202, Building 5, Hangzhou First People's Hospital, No.4, Shengcheng District, Hangzhou
Working hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00~12:00, 13:30~17:00

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