Physican training

1. Strengthen the organization and management, improve the system constructionAccording to the national, provincial and municipal policies and spirit of residential training, combined with the actual situation of the hospital, as the first batch of national bases, our hospital has formulated and implemented a series of comprehensive management systems for standardized resident training, including the management system of residential training teachers, students, funds and teaching assessment system. At the same time, adhere to the continuous improvement of training quality, constantly improve the teaching management system, strengthen the supervision of the implementation of the professional base, and ensure the rooting of various residential training policies.

2. Carry out teaching supervision and take the result as the guidanceRegularly hold hospital level supervision meeting, formulate annual supervision plan and effectively implement it. The teaching department cooperates with the supervision group to conduct 1-2 rounds of work inspection on 19 professional bases every year, feedback problems on site, and make rectification within a time limit; Results oriented, timely feedback and publicity, closely linked with the annual assessment of departments, personal title appointment. It has completed 16 times of hospital level supervision every year, including 64 supervision experts and management personnel, covering 19 professional bases. From 2016 to 2018, the bases of general practice and nuclear medicine passed the on-site evaluation of the National Health Commission and the Chinese Medical Association, and were praised by the inspection team.

3. Strengthen teacher training and improve teaching abilityFormulate the conditions and management process of teacher selection and identification; The team of special tutors for clinical skills should be established; The "double management" mode of professional tutors and teachers should be implemented to clarify the responsibilities and treatment of teachers; Teacher evaluation is linked with professional title promotion, excellent evaluation and performance evaluation. These dynamic teacher management models greatly promote the enthusiasm of teachers. The first mock exam was conducted in 3 consecutive years (2016-2018 years). The provincial level continuing education project was organized in 2018. In 2020, the advanced teacher training program of Zhejiang University medical school was held. At the same time, teachers are actively organized to participate in all kinds of training courses at all levels: in the past five years, 68 national training teachers and 353 provincial training teachers have been trained in the base. In 2016-2018, the base also organized four key teachers of general medicine, emergency department and surgery to go abroad for training.

4. Strengthen teaching quality and attach equal importance to theory and practiceIt is the most important work to make the assessment manual, distribute the related teaching materials and carry out the theoretical simulation assessment; To strengthen skills training, formulate skills training plan, hold skills tutor meeting, adopt project tutor system, carry out small class skills teaching, all take ensuring training quality as the core. 5. Expand the scale of enrollment, and pay close attention to training and assessment From 2016 to 2020, the number of students enrolled in residential training will increase year by year (123 in 2016, 140 in 2017, 154 in 2018, 150 in 2019 and 176 in 2020); The number of people who have completed the examination has increased steadily (105 in 2016, 113 in 2017, 110 in 2018, 111 in 2019 and 130 in 2020), and the passing rate of the examination has increased steadily (93.3% in 2016, 92.9% in 2017, 95.45% in 2018, 92.8% in 2019 and 96.1% in 2020); In recent four years, the pass rate of medical practitioners has also been greatly improved (59% in 2017, 81.4% in 2018, 74% in 2019 and 85.5% in 2020).