The history of Hangzhou First People's Hospital
  • 1923-1927

    On May 29, 1923, the "Zhejiang Bulletin "announced the establishment of the Provincial Hangzhou Infectious Disease Hospital

    1923—1927 Hangzhou Infectious Disease Hospital of Zhejiang Province

    At the beginning of 1923, medical representatives Li Ding and Sheng Peicong proposed to the provincial government to set up Infectious Disease Hospital. In April, through a resolution of the provincial assembly, the hospital began to organize and rent No. 89 Fuyuan lane as a hospital. In October, the Zhejiang Provincial Hangzhou Infectious Disease Hospital was officially launched.

  • 1927-1928

    Hangzhou Municipal Hospital in the 1930s

    1927—1928 Guangji Hospital Affiliated Infectious Disease Hospital, Hangzhou Municipal Infectious Disease Hospital

    In May 1927, Zhejiang Provincial Hangzhou Infectious Disease Hospital was placed under Guangji Hospital (now The Second Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine), and was renamed Guangji Hospital Affiliated Infectious Disease Hospital. In March 1928, with the establishment of Hangzhou city and establishment of the Health Bureau, the infectious disease hospital was placed under the jurisdiction of the Hangzhou Municipal Health Bureau, and it was renamed as Hangzhou Municipal Infectious Disease Hospital.

  • 1928—1938

    First-class ward

    1928—1938 Hangzhou Municipal Hospital

    In June 1928, Hangzhou Municipal Infectious Disease Hospital was reorganized into a general hospital and renamed Hangzhou Municipal Hospital. In July, a nurse department was added, and medical technical departments continued to increase. In March 1930, Chengbei Clinic and Chengnan Branch Clinic added. In 1932, the hospital was moved to No. 14 Xueshi Road.

  • 1938—1946

    second-class ward

    1938—1946 Zhejiang Provincial Hangzhou Hospital

    In March 1938, the Maintenance Association established in Hangzhou set up a temporary clinic which was integrated into Hangzhou Municipal Disease Hospital in August at the entrance of Ganzefang Alley. In November, Liangdaoshan Hangzhou Infectious Disease Hospital was also incorporated into Hangzhou Municipal Hospital, which meant Hangzhou Municipal Hospital was formally established. In June 1939, Hangzhou Municipal Hospital was reorganized into Zhejiang Hangzhou Hospital. The winter of 1942, Hangzhou Municipal Hospital handed over to the provincial government and renamed Zhejiang Provincial Hospital. Since January 1946, it had been renamed as Zhejiang Provincial Hangzhou Hospital.

  • 1946—1952

    Hangzhou Citizens Hospital in the 1940s

    1946—1952 Hangzhou Citizens Hospital

    In May 1946, the hospital was returned to the municipal administration and was called Hangzhou Citizens Hospital. As the medical equipment and personnel were removed to Zhejiang Hospital, it merged with the Second Shanghai Red Cross Hospital and moved the equipment and some staff of the Second Shanghai Red Cross Hospital to Hangzhou. From May to July 1949, Hangzhou Military Management Committee took over the hospital. In March 1950, the Municipal Public Security Hospital was incorporated into Hangzhou Citizens Hospital, which became a branch of the Citizens Hospital.

  • 1952—1966

    Hangzhou People's Hospital in the 1960s

    1952—1966 Hangzhou People’ s Hospital, Hangzhou First Hospital

    In July 1952, it renamed Hangzhou People’s Hospital. During this time, the West Lake Sanatorium was taken over and became the part of Hangzhou People’s Hospital. Then, Hangzhou People’s Hospital established the city first aid station and central outpatient department. In October 1954, the hospital was renamed Hangzhou First Hospital. The period from 1959 to 1966 was the rapid improvement in hospital business and management. During this period, the hospital had achieved remarkable results in prevention and treatment of disease and the establishment of emerging specialist department and achieved many scientific research results. 

  • 1966—1999

    Hangzhou First People's Hospital in the 1990s

    1966—1999 Hangzhou First People’ s Hospital

    In 1966, the hospital was renamed Hangzhou First People’s Hospital. With the construction and expansion, the hospital has become more and more deeply rooted in the local people. In 1989, it was one of the first in Zhejiang Province to pass the Triple-A accreditation, becoming the largest comprehensive class A tertiary hospital in Hangzhou integrating medical services with teaching, research, preventive medicine and social health care.

  • 2000—

    The First People's Hospital of Hangzhou in the 21st Century

    2000— Medical group development

    Since 2000, Hangzhou First People’s Hospital has merged and cooperated with several medical institutions in various forms, and has steadily embarked on a new course of medical group development. Now it owns Hangzhou First People's Hospital (Hubin District), Hangzhou Geriatrics Hospital (Chengbei District), Hangzhou Cancer Hospital (Wushan District), Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital/Maternal and Child Health Hospital (Qianjiang New City District), Hangzhou Wuyunshan Hospital (Wuyunshan District), Hangzhou Ninth People’s Hospital (Qiantang District), Yuhang District Third People’s Hospital (Pingyao District), Fuyang District Second People’s Hospital (Fuyang District), Hangzhou Rehabilitation Hospital (Xiasha District), with more than 5,000 beds open, including the Hubin, the Chengbei and the Chengnan multi-hospital integrated development.