Education Overview

Hangzhou First People's Hospital is the first group of standardized training base for residents, as a university-affiliated hospital, we attach great importance to the cultivation of comprehensive and innovative medical talents.

As a standardized residents training base, our hospital has 21 professional bases, 581 teachers (74.6% with senior professional titles, 21.5% with doctoral degrees), and 720 residents in training. There are 15 doctoral tutors, 164 master's degree tutors, 439 master's degree candidates, and 34 doctoral candidates in hospital. It has 25 teaching and research sections, and is independently responsible for the enrollment and full training of 120 undergraduates in clinical medicine and pediatrics each year. There are more than 600 clinical, medical technology, and nursing interns in the hospital each year.

The Intelligent Simulation Medical Education and Research Center of our hospital covers an area of 2,200 square meters, has 3 full-time management personnel, and a total of more than 700 training teachers at all levels. The center includes a minimally invasive simulation center (laparoscopy, endoscopy, interventional), AHA training center, immersive virtual simulation classroom, ultrasound virtual simulation center, clinical skills training room, simulation ward, simulated operating room, simulated delivery room and OSCE examination station 40 rooms etc. The center has an information simulation center management system, a gastrointestinal endoscopy virtual system, an ophthalmic microscope teaching display system, a laparoscopic surgery simulation training device, a microsurgery operation training platform, advanced simulators and other system models and supporting equipment related to simulation education. The hospital has also established an excellent standardized patient team. They are all volunteers with non-medical backgrounds recruited from the society. They have reasonable age distribution, strong sense of responsibility and affection. They have passed the standardized training skills assessment for residents and the National Clinical Medicine The tests of large-scale examination projects such as professional skills assessment was successfully completed.