Full name:

LV Wen


chief physician


Curriculum Vitae

Practiced with a specialty in gastroenterology for more than 30 years, Wen graduated with a master’s degree in internal medicine from the Department of Digestive Diseases, Zhejiang University Medical School. Chief Physician, Associate Professor, Supervisor of the Master Program. Deputy Director of the Department of Gastroenterology, Hangzhou First People's Hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University Medical University, and the Vice President of Hangzhou Gastroenterology Hospital. Committee member of the Digestive Society of Zhejiang Medical Association, committee member of the Gastroenterologist Council of Zhejiang Doctors’ Association; committee member of the Chinese Society of Digestive Endoscopology of small intestinal endoscopy and capsule endoscopy expert group, committee member of the Beijing Medical prize foundation of inflammatory bowel disease, deputy head of the digestion branch of Zhejiang medical association with a specialty in inflammatory bowel epidemiology, Group Leader of Hangzhou medical association with a focus in epidemiology and the research on inflammatory bowel, group member of the Zhejiang medical association digestion branch varicose veins, deputy director of the digestion branch of Hangzhou Association of Chinese Integrative Medicine, Visiting scholar in Raphaelsklinik Hospital of Munster University and Cleveland Clinic Hospital of the United States.

Major Disciplines

Clinical intervention of atrophic gastritis and inflammatory bowel disease; Endoscopic interventional therapy for biliopancreatic diseases. Have rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of clinical internal medicine, and proficient in diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, frequently occurring diseases and difficult miscellaneous diseases in the department of gastroenterology. Proficient in digestive disease of digestive endoscopy operation and endoscopic treatment, such as gastrointestinal bleeding and polyp endoscopic treatment, the expansion of the evil narrowness of the digestive tract and carotid stenting, inflammatory bowel disease all kinds of complications of the endoscopic treatment and bile pancreatic diseases (cholangiopancreat stones, obstructive jaundice, benign and malignant biliary strictures, acute and chronic pancreatitis, or complications, etc.) ERCP in diagnosis and treatment of duodenal mirror.

Medical Outcomes

Presided and participated in a number of projects funded by provincial and ministerial scientific research funds and municipal Science and Technology Commission, and won 5 second and third places in the "Zhejiang Medical and Health Science and Technology Innovation Competition". Placed as the third place in the "Innovation Award of Traditional Chinese Medicine health Science and Technology of Zhejiang Competition"; Won two second places and two third places in "Hangzhou Science and Technology Progress Award". More than 30 papers have been published in domestic and international journals. Also Published 4 SCI articles.