The nursing department always adheres on the core values of " profession, precision, innovation and development" and continuously promotes the development of nursing disciplines. In 2017, we became the only nursing discipline among the key (Class II) medical disciplines in Hangzhou, and achieved phased achievement and over-fulfilled the objective task during 2017-2019 construction period. In 2020, the nursing discipline of Hangzhou First People’s Hospital once again became the key medical discipline of Hangzhou. The nursing team's professional skill, service quality, nursing management, scientific research foundation and talents echelon construction are all in the forefront of Zhejiang and Hangzhou, with high professional technical advantage and comprehensive competitiveness.




There are 1,136 nurses in the Hubin hospital district and 146 nurses in Chengbei hospital district. Among them there are 12 professors of nursing (1.1%) and 121 associate professors of nursing (10.79%). As for the educational degree, there is 1 nurse with a doctor’s degree (0.09%),38 with a master’s degree (3.35%), 942 with a bachelor’s degree (83.0%), and 4 master tutors.


As the affiliated unit of Hangzhou Nursing Association and Hangzhou Nursing Quality Control Center, we currently have more than 100 nursing staff work as part-time members among academic groups at all levels with the support of various disciplinary platforms, including 20 at the national level, 58 at the provincial level and 25 at the municipal level, involving more than 40 provincial-level nursing professional committees (including 1 chairperson, 10 deputy chairpersons), 15 municipal-level nursing professional committees (including 7 chairpersons, 8 deputy chairpersons).We have a certain academic influence. Also,there are 1 member in the expert database of the Nursing Standards Professional Committee of the National Health and Sanitation Standards Committee, 14 members in the expert database of Chinese Nursing Association, including nursing management, geriatric nursing, wound stoma incontinence nursing, emergency nursing, cardiology nursing, diabetes nursing, surgical nursing, internal medicine nursing, pediatric nursing, gynecological nursing, obstetric nursing, orthopedic nursing, and intravenous nursing.