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Gastroenterology Department

 Introduction of department of Gastroenterology

Department of Gastroenterology currently is Zhejiang Branch Center of National Digestive Disease Research Center of Clinical Medicine, key laboratory of Pancreatobiliary Disease of Zhejiang Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, key supportive discipline of Zhejiang Medicine, and Hangzhou Summit Discipline. ERCP training base has been conferred on our endoscopy center by World Endoscopy Organization. Chinese Medical Association and Chinese Medical Doctor Association both have conferred Digestive endoscopists training bases on our center. Hangzhou Digestive Disease Hospital and Hangzhou Digestive Disease Research Institute were both established in 2019.

Department of Gastroenterology have possessed an excellent medical team that includes the core physicians of Vice president of our hospital Xiao-feng Zhang and head of our department Jian-feng Yang. There are a total of 40 physicians, 80 nurses and 5 scientific researchers in our department. More than 10 physicians have academic posts in national academic groups such as Chinese Medical Association.

Department of Gastroenterology has formed the superiority of technique and characteristics of diagnosis and management in the field of diagnosing or treating alimentary diseases by super-micro-invasive digestive endoscopy. Our endoscopic center has carried out almost all kinds of endoscopic procedures with an annual number of 100,000 procedures. There are at least annual 2800 ERCP procedures performed in our center with the numbers ranking the top three in China.  

Research fields of department of gastroenterology were focused on endoscopic technique of major pancreatobiliary diseases, precision diagnosis and management in pancreatobiliary malignant tumors, and early warning and intervention in gastrointestinal malignant tumors. Based on this, during the last 5 years, a total of 41 scientific research projects and 10 national muti-center clinical projects were conducted. A total of 132 papers have been published, 9 provincial or municipal awards were won, and 28 patents were obtained. Furthermore, 8 medical monographs were edited.