Clinical departments

Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

Introduction of department of respiratory medicine

 There are 21 doctors in the Department of respiratory and critical care medicine of Hangzhou First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, including 4 chief doctors, 7 deputy chief doctors, 10 doctors, 6 masters and 4 masters tutors. It is the chairman unit of the Respiratory Branch of Hangzhou Medical Association, the member unit of the Standing Committee of the Respiratory Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association and the vice chairman unit of the Respiratory Branch of the Medical Association. Relying on science and technology and academic development, the Department is currently a key discipline and lung cancer diagnosis and treatment center in Hangzhou. In China, it has taken the lead in carrying out various types of transbronchoscopic interventions, such as ultrasonic bronchoscopy and virtual navigation technology, electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy technology, on-site cytological evaluation (Rose), microwave ablation of tumors under precise positioning of magnetic navigation, thermal ablation, cryotherapy, trap placement of benign and malignant airway stenosis, bronchial thermoplasty, EBV valve closure and volume reduction. At present, it is the national rose training base, the member unit of the national interstitial lung disease cooperation group, and the clinical drug test base of the State Food and Drug Administration, and has participated in more than 50 clinical studies at home and abroad. Presided over and completed more than 30 national, provincial and various scientific research topics, published more than 80 various theories, and collected more than 30 articles by SCI.