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Rehabilitation Medicine

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Affiliated Hangzhou First People's Hospital,Zhejiang University School of Medicine was established in 1983. Adhering to the hospital spirit of "dedication, preciseness, integrity and benevolence", this department has developed into a first-class clinical diagnosis and treatment department integrating clinical, teaching and scientific research with solid foundation, sound talent echelon, strong overall clinical strength, advanced equipment, comprehensive and reasonable sub specialty design.

Our department has a team of professionally trained medical personnel, with 20 doctors, including 1 chief doctor,5 deputy chief doctors and 6 attending physicians;There are 18 therapists, including 1 deputy chief therapist and 4 competent therapists; There are 1 chief nurse, 4 deputy chief nurses and 4 competent nurses. There are 10 medical staff with master's degree in the Department. The young and middle-aged therapists graduated from the specialty of rehabilitation therapy, and the nursing staff also received systematic knowledge training in modern rehabilitation medicine.

Our department has 88 beds, and the rehabilitation treatment center has a 1500 square meter multifunctional treatment hall, including rehabilitation evaluation room, exercise treatment room, physiotherapy room (phototherapy and magnetic therapy room, low and medium frequency electrotherapy room, traction treatment room, high frequency electrotherapy room), occupational therapy room, speech swallowing treatment room, brace and orthosis manufacturing room, children's rehabilitation room, cognitive therapy room Traditional rehabilitation treatment room and other professional rehabilitation rooms. Rehabilitation physiotherapy equipment is complete, with imported weight loss gait trainer, multi position lifting treatment bed, Bobath treatment bed, electric stand-up bed, upper and lower limb robots, swallowing and speech function therapeutic instrument, joint muscle strength trainer, balance function trainer, cervical and lumbar tractor, computer multi joint puller and various phototherapeutic instruments (high power semiconductor laser instrument, He-Ne laser therapeutic instrument, ultraviolet therapeutic instrument, etc.), various low, medium and high frequency therapeutic instruments (pulse short wave, computer composite pulse ultrasonic therapeutic instrument, three-dimensional dynamic suction interference, EMG biofeedback, electrokinetic analgesia instrument, DC drug ion introduction, etc.), various magnetic therapeutic instruments (magnetic resonance hyperthermia instrument, alternating magnetic therapy instrument, etc.) , wax therapy equipment, ultrasonic therapeutic apparatus and other complete sets (more than 40 kinds) Rehabilitation equipment. The main diseases treated in our department include spinal cord injury, stroke, craniocerebral trauma, peripheral nerve injury, cerebral palsy, limb fracture, hand trauma, joint replacement, ligament reconstruction, osteoarthritis, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, scoliosis, etc. Our department is related to orthopedics, spine surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, ICU, emergency department, pediatrics and geriatrics And other relevant departments and the rehabilitation departments of local municipal hospitals have established close cooperative relations, and have a perfect early bedside rehabilitation system, transfer rehabilitation system, and the receiving and referral and two-way referral system of difficult and severe cases in subordinate hospitals. About 600 inpatients and about 8000 outpatients are treated every year.

The rehabilitation medical team has six professional rehabilitation groups: rehabilitation evaluation group, nerve rehabilitation, spinal cord injury rehabilitation, bone and joint rehabilitation, child rehabilitation and pain rehabilitation. Adopt the working mode of "team work" and formulate the rehabilitation evaluation and treatment plan in detail, so as to help patients improve their function and self-care ability to the greatest extent. We also has set up expert clinics and specialist clinics, and doctors above deputy chief physician are arranged four days a week.

The department has undertaken the teaching of rehabilitation majors such as Nanjing Medical University, Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wenzhou Medical University and Hangzhou Medical College, as well as the training of refresher students and resident standardized trainees inside or outside the province. The department holds many national and Hangzhou academic conferences, therapist salons and doctor salons every year, which promotes the development of rehabilitation medicine in the whole province and even the whole country.

In the past five years, the Department has obtained five projects at all levels and various types, with a cumulative fund of nearly 500000 yuan. In the past five years, it has published more than 30 academic journals in the research direction of clinical technology. The discipline development direction is to track the new international rehabilitation technology and develop the research of clinical rehabilitation in the acute stage of neurological diseases and bone and joint diseases in combination with the characteristics of undergraduate departments.