Clinical departments

Emergency Department

The Emergency Department(ED) , founded in 1976, is one if the early independent EDs in Zhejiang Province that has outstanding proficiency. Now, we possess 30 professional emergency specialists, among whom there are 2 chief physicians, 8 associate chief physicians, 17 Masters of Medical Science, 2 Doctors, 96 emergency nurses, 1 chief superintendent nurse and 2 co-chief superintendent nurses. We have the largest number of emergency specialists in the city. Besides, the ED is equipped with modern emergency therapeutic rooms, intensive care units, emergency wards and wards of different departments. With the “first-aid before admission; hospital emergency treatment and emergency care” operation mode, we have formed a most complete Emergency Medical Service System (EMSS). Therefore, we are honored as Hangzhou Emergency Medical Treatment, Teaching and Training center as well as the Emergency Medical Treatment, Teaching and Training core hospital of Zhejiang Province. People grant their full confidence and trust to our Emergency Department since we are in the lead in CPR, varieties of shocks, coma, acute intoxication, multiple organ dysfunction and treating the critically ill maternal in the whole province. We have received more than 100,000 patients in recent years and succeeded in rescuing more than 10,000 critically ill patients and 9000 inpatients. With more than 95% rescue success rate, we successfully brought thousands of dying people back to life, winning widespread public praise. Additionally, our department shoulders the night outpatient service and people-benefit wards during festivals and holidays. Our convenient and effective “Green Channel” service assures a reliable support in rescuing those severe and dangerous cases. As a department with more than 40 years’ continuous cultural accumulation and promotion, we have formed our unique and profound department culture: “ Rapidness, Accuracy, High-Efficiency and Safety”. We get excellent team-spirit, supreme emergency operating skills together with superior service, which guarantees our rescue quality for the critically ill cases. Meanwhile, wo keep advancing in scientific research. With the development of modern emergency medicine and explicitation of its direction, we actively start scientific research and teaching besides clinical work, set up emergency medical teaching and research office and undertake more than 30 ministerial and provincial-level or bureau level projects. Our first-aid training and service has extended to communities. Expert’s outpatient service: Tuesday mornings; Famous Doctors’ outpatient service: Thursday afternoons.