Clinical departments

Infection Department

The Department of Infectious Diseases was first established in 2005,which has been dedicated to the clinical diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, various liver diseases and fever of unknown origin. At present, there are four outpatient clinics for infection, liver disease, fever, and intestines, with 28 beds, and various liver diseases such as viral hepatitis, immune liver disease, drug-induced liver disease, pregnancy with liver injury, alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver, and unknown causes of liver cirrhosis; infectious diseases of various internal medicine systems; diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as fever of unknown origin. In addition, the department is equipped with a variety of artificial liver treatments for liver failure and hyperbilirubinemia, liver tissue biopsy and other technologies, and is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of liver function abnormalities, infectious diseases, the rational application of antibiotics in the Hangzhou First People's Hospital Group and treatment of pregnant and lying-in women at high risk of infection from Hangzhou city.There are 40 medical staff in the department, including 1 chief physician, 6 deputy chief physicians, 4 attending physicians; 2 doctors and 11 masters; 2 deputy chief nurses, 10 supervisor nurses, reasonable talent structure and strong technical force.