Clinical departments

General Medicine

The General Practice (GP) Department is the national standardized training base for GP residents, also the provincial transfer training base for general practitioners, the provincial completion assessment base for general clinical practice skills, and  excellent hospital-level professional training base, which is responsible for GP medical care, teaching and educational research.

The team has 23 physicians with 14 certified general practitioners, including 2 chief physicians and 9 associate chief physicians, 8 doctorate degree-holders and 10 master degree-holders. In addition, there are 9 nurses, including 7 supervisor nurses and 2 nurses.

The teaching and educational research center for GP, founded in 2011, is in charge of comprehensive training for students, and carries out grading and stratified teaching and assessment by use of hospital library, clinical skills simulation center, OSCE clinical skills assessment system, clinical thinking training software-DXR and virtual simulation training software for GP clinic. It has a close relationship with community health service centers and is responsible for GP resident teaching through joint teaching of out-patient clinic.

As the home base of the national standardized training base consortium for GP residents, the department plays a leading role in implementing homogenized teaching demonstration. With regard to achievement in educational research, it has taken charge of 2 provincial educational reform projects and 2 university-level educational reform project. 

The department specializes in diagnosing and treating undifferentiated, common diseases, frequently occurring diseases and chronic diseases. It also provides comprehensive treatment and analysis of general practice problems through health education, tertiary prevention and management of chronic diseases. Furthermore, it provides the medical service of continuity and integrity through hospital-community two-way referral system, health management and disease prevention.

The department is the vice chairman unit of General Health Management Professional Committee of Zhejiang Medical Doctor Association and General Medicine Branch of Hangzhou Medical Association, which has a fine academic influence in Zhejiang province.