Clinical departments

Intensive Care Unit

 The Intensive Care Unit of Hangzhou First People's Hospital was established in 2003. 44 beds are available in the Hubin area branch and 33 beds are planned in the North Central District branch. The Hubin area branch is equipped with 53 advanced ventilators, 2 ECMO machines, 10 invasive hemodynamic monitor systems, 3 advanced portable ultrasound machines, 9 bedside blood purification instruments, 6 bronchofibroscopes, 1 intracranial pressure monitor, 1 bedside EEG monitor, and 1 NIRS tissue oxygen monitoring equipment, which can provide domestic and international advanced level of monitoring and treatment for critical ill patients. 

    About 1500 severe patients were admitted to Hubin area branch each year, involving acute myocardial infarction, fulminant myocarditis, various types of shock, severe pneumonia, respiratory failure, stroke, multiple injuries, severe pancreatitis, high-risk pregnant and puerperal women, and perioperative support for major surgeries. We are expert in ECMO, critical ultrasound, PiCCO/PAC hemodynamic monitoring, fiberoptic bronchoscopy, respiratory support, renal replacement therapy, artificial liver support, multimodal brain function monitoring, and other advanced technologies. Our department is the treatment center for critically ill patients in the whole hospital and even in Hangzhou and its surrounding areas. At present, it is the affiliated unit of ICU Quality Control Center in Hangzhou, the chairman unit of Critical Care Medicine Branch of Hangzhou Medical Association, and one of the key disciplines of Medical and Health in Hangzhou city.