Full name:

LI Jinsheng


chief physician


Hangzhou First People's Hospital Medical cosmetology department (plastic surgery) deputy director, master of medicine, chief physician.Now medical association plastic surgery and microsurgery of hangzhou branch, director of the committee, standing committee of the China association of cosmetic surgery scar medical branch, zhejiang province medical association orthopedic committee standing committee, microsurgery in zhejiang province medical association professional committee of the standing committee, the microsurgical reconstruction association, member of China rehabilitation rehabilitation medical association professional committee of the replantation reengineering group members, the scar group members, the ministry of health medical tube endoscope clinical diagnosis and treatment quality evaluation expert committee, the Chinese medical doctor association endoscopic physicians branch of plastic surgery and minimally invasive endoscopy professional committee.He went to the PLA 89 Hospital for further study in bone and hand microsurgery, and to the Ninth People's Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine for further study in reconstructive surgery and oral and maxillofacial surgery.In May 2009, he entered Hangzhou First People's Hospital as a professional and technical personnel introduced to the city. 

She is good at breast plastic surgery, eye and nose plastic surgery and liposuction body shaping, reconstructive surgery for various congenital malformations, trauma and scar deformities after burns, resection of surface soft tissue tumors and repair and reconstruction of various acute and chronic wounds.