Full name:

LU Hui


chief physician


Doctor of Pediatrics, Deputy Director of Pediatrics Department of Hangzhou First People's Hospital Affiliated to Zhejiang University School of Medicine, and Deputy Director of Neonatology Department. Master Instructor. Member of the Neonatal Care Professional Committee of the Chinese Maternal and Child Health Association, Member of the Neonatology Professional Committee of the Cross-Strait Medical and Health Exchange Association, Member of the Third Respiratory Professional Committee of the Neonatologist Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and National Neonatal Specialist Medical Consortium Member of the Expert Committee, Standing Committee Member of the First Neonatal Special Committee of Zhejiang Maternal and Child Health Association, Standing Committee Member of Neonatologist Branch of Zhejiang Medical Doctor Association, Member of Neonatal Specialty Group of Zhejiang Medical Association, Deputy Director of Pediatric Branch of Hangzhou Medical Association Member, leader of the neonatology group of the Pediatric Branch of Hangzhou Medical Association.

Newborn emergency and feeding of preterm infants.