Full name:

WANG Ningfu


chief physician


Dr. Wang, PhD, Full Senior Physician in Cardiology, Doctoral Supervisor, Director of the Heart Center. He graduated from China Medical University in 1993 and was a visiting scholar at the Humboldt University School of Medicine in Berlin, Germany from 1998 to 1999. Honorary chairman of the Chinese Tobacco Control Association Rehabilitation and Traditional Chinese Medicine Committee, member of the Cardiovascular Intervention Center of the Chinese Medical Association, deputy chairman of the Cardiovascular Branch of the Zhejiang Medical Association, former chairman of the Cardiovascular Branch of Hangzhou Medical Association, National Science Technical decision-making and consulting experts. Member of the editorial board of the Chinese Journal of General Practitioners of Medicine, the Chinese Journal of Practical Internal Medicine, the Journal of Nanjing Medical University, and the Journal of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease Prevention and Treatment.