Full name:



deputy chief physician


Brief Introduction:

Graduated from Harbin Medical University . Good at diagnosis and surgical treatment of thyroid disease, parathyroid disease, neck disease and multiple endocrine tumor syndrome. He went to the thyroid Medical Center of the sixth Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University for further study, and visited and studied in the Cancer Hospital affiliated to Fudan University and the Cancer Hospital affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. In recent years, it has been devoted to minimally invasive thyroid surgery for scarless neck and the treatment of locally advanced thyroid cancer. It has made great achievements in "endoscopic cosmetic surgery of thyroid gland", "scarless thyroid surgery of neck (transoral vestibular approach, axillary approach, total areola approach)", "endoscope-assisted multifunctional reserved neck dissection" and "difficult and complex thyroid surgery". Proficient in ultrasonic diagnosis of head and neck diseases (with national ultrasonic diagnosis qualification certificate), intraoperative monitoring of recurrent laryngeal nerve and superior laryngeal nerve, accurate preoperative ultrasound localization and intraoperative parathyroid gland identification and protection. It has rich clinical experience and solid theoretical foundation, and pays attention to the standardization, individualization, minimally invasive, precision and diversification of disease treatment, so as to improve the cure rate and reduce the recurrence rate. Pay equal attention to disease treatment and psychotherapy, care for patients, and pay attention to minimally invasive and beautiful incisions. At present, he is also a young member of the head and neck Cancer Professional Committee of Zhejiang Anti-Cancer Association, a member of the thyroid Cancer Special Committee of Zhejiang Union of China Cancer Prevention and treatment Alliance, and a member of the thyroid and parathyroid expert Committee of the General surgery Branch of the Chinese Society of Integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. young member of Breast thyroid Oncology Professional Committee of academic steering Committee of Rehabilitation Committee of China Anti-Cancer Association, editorial member of Chinese Journal of General surgery. 

Specializing in subjects:

Thyroid diseases: 1, good at early screening of benign and malignant thyroid nodules (ultrasound, CT examination). 2. Be good at standardized and radical operation for thyroid cancer. 3. Committed to the treatment of cervical scarless minimally invasive thyroid surgery (oral vestibular approach, axillary approach, total areola approach) and locally advanced thyroid cancer. 

Parathyroid disease: surgical treatment of primary and secondary hyperparathyroidism, as well as diagnosis and surgical treatment of other neck diseases and multiple endocrine tumor syndrome.