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chief physician


Zhang Xiong, the director of stomotology department in Hangzhou First People’s Hospital, graduated from Stomatology of Zhejiang University School (the stomotology of former Zhejiang Medical College ) in August 1983.From April 1998 to June 2020, served as deputy director and director of Department of Stomatology in Hangzhou First People's Hospital, and now serves as consultant of Department of Stomatology.  

Prof. Zhang is equippted with rich clinical experience and professional stomatological knowledge, mastering in-depth research and treatment in alveoplasty and jaw bone disease. He skills in oral implant prosthesis treatment of missing teeth with satisfactory effects. Besides, he has distinct experiences in caries disease, dental pulp disease, periapical disease, mucosal disease and other kinds of teeth and impacted teeth treatment , as well as the oral, maxillofacial and neck surgery.

Prof. Zhang has accomplished and participated in multiple provincial projecst, and has composed more than 20 papers.

Prof. Zhang is very actively involved in academic societies. He is council member of Chinese Stomatological Association.  Vice-Chairman of Oral Implantology Committee of Zhejiang Stomatological Association; Chairman of Stomatology Committee of Hangzhou Medical Association; Head of expert group of Hangzhou Oral Health Care leading group; Deputy Director of Hangzhou Stomatological Quality Control Center; Associate adjunct professor of Zhejiang University Medical School; Adjunct professor of Hangzhou Normal University Clinical Medical College; and Adjunct professor, School of Stomatology, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University.