Full name:

MENG Xiangbo


deputy chief physician


Associate Chief Physician, PhD (currently studying). Youth member and the Deputy Group Leader of Swallowing Disorders Group of the Rehabilitation Branch of the Provincial Medical Association. Member of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Branch of the Municipal Medical Association. He went to Austria to study rehabilitation medicine. Co-edited the book "New Progress in Rehabilitation Treatment Technology". Familiar with the rehabilitation of stroke, spinal cord injury, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, lumbar disc herniation, joint replacement and other bone and joint diseases, coronary heart disease, pressure ulcers, diabetes. He is also good at assessment and treatment of spasticity (nerve block and botulinum toxin injection), diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia. He wrote many popular science articles and was reported by many media. He was named the first outstanding young deputy chief physician of the province by "Zhejiang Medical Online".