Full name:

GAO Guodong


Chief Physician


Gao Guodong, chief physician of hernia and abdominal surgery in Hangzhou first people‘s hospital, graduated from the department of clinical medicine of China Medical University in 1994 and received a master’s degree in surgery from Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2001. He has been engaged in clinical work of general surgery for more than twenty years.

Inguinal Hernia, Abdominal Wall Hernia, Abdominal Wall Tumor, Rectus Abdominis Separation and Difficult and Complex Hernia 

Thyroid Tumor

Laparoscopic Minimally Invasive Surgery 

Deputy director, Hangzhou hernia and abdominal wall surgery center

Adjunct associate professor, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

Member of hernia and abdominal wall surgery branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association

Editorial board of Chinese Journal of hernia and abdominal wall surgery

Member of Hernia and Abdominal Surgery Industry and Clinical Research Branch of National Association of Health industry and Enterprise Management

Member of China branch of international endoscopic hernia Society (IEHS)

Member of hernia and abdominal wall surgery association of World Endoscopy Doctors Association and Expert Committee on quality evaluation of endoscopic clinical diagnosis and treatment

Member of Zhejiang medical malpractice identification expert base