Medical Technology Depart

Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Pharmacy

The Chinese medicine pharmacy was founded in 1958 and consists of three departments: Chinese herbal medicine pharmacy, Chinese patent medicine pharmacy, and Chinese medicine warehouse. There are currently 21 Chinese medicine professionals, including 2 chief Chinese medicine pharmacists, 3 deputy chief Chinese medicine pharmacists, and 7 postgraduates. Adhering to the tenet of "sincerity, pragmatism, quality and efficiency", the department guarantees high quality medicine, and provides superb pharmaceutical services for patients.


Academic status


The Chinese medicine pharmacy currently has several Chinese medicine professionals with rich practical experience, including 1 national Chinese medicine technology inheritance talent, 2 full-time Chinese medicine clinical pharmacists, and a few Chinese medicine pharmacists with expertise in Chinese medicine identification and health education. The department develops Chinese medicine clinical pharmacy services, monitoring of adverse reactions of traditional Chinese medicines, patient guidance on rational use of medicines, identification of traditional Chinese medicines, etc., to create a discipline development path with characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine. In the past 10 years, the Chinese medicine pharmacy has accumulatively obtained more than 10 various scientific research projects; published more than 50 papers in core journals, including one in SCI; obtained 1 national invention patent and 1 utility model invention patent.


Technical advantages


The Chinese medicine pharmacy has established an "Internet +" decocted Chinese medicine distribution system to provide patients with home delivery service for decocted Chinese medicine, and been continuously improving the service capabilities. The pharmacy also cooperates with the clinic to develop appropriate Chinese medicine technology, providing services such as slicing, powdering, and identification, and improve patient compliance with medication.