Clinical departments

Anesthesiology Department

The Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine has made remarkable progress through the 6-year (2014-2016, 2017-2010)first-class disciplinary construction as key medical discipline in medical treatment, disciplinary construction, science research programs and personnel training.

Our department was awarded the Excellent Department of Anesthesiology by Zhejiang Anesthesia and Quality Control Center in 2019, with a national standardized medical residency training base and a training center of anesthesia for gastrointestinal endoscopy of the branch of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy of the Chinese Medical Association affiliated. Our department also paly important role in pain medicine in medical treatment partnership system, and was determined as the municipal key discipline of medicine to be developed in 2020-2024.

The mission of our department is to deliver state-of-the-art anesthesia services and comfort medical to people of all ages in perioperative care and pain management.

Our department has rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain, neuropathic pain and non-painful diseases, and is one of the first to establish a pain clinic and found a ward for pain medicine in Zhejiang Province.

Department chair, Sun Jianliang, a member of the Standing Committee of the branch of Anesthesiology of the Chinese Medical Association, vice director of Zhejiang Medical Association for the Study of Pain, and Vice director of Zhejiang Medical Doctor Association for the Study of Pain.

Zhang Honghai, the candidate of academic leader, finished his postdoctoral program at Harvard University.

We constitute a team of 52 anesthesiologist (85% with a postgraduate degree), which includes 4 senior anesthesiologists, 16 associate senior anesthesiologists and 20 attending anesthesiologists.

As an authorized teaching hospital for postgraduate education of both Zhejiang University School of Medicine and Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, currently, there are 5 postgraduate mentors (including 2 mentors for doctoral degree), cultivating 10 postgraduate students each year.

3 projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 81771403, Grant No. 81771403, and Grant No. 81901087), and 48 projects supported by the Major Program of the Zhejiang Natural Science Foundation, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Health Commission of Zhejiang Province, Science and Technology Bureau of Hangzhou and Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission with six million research funds have been working on within our team in over 5 years. More than 70 papers (including 31 papers on SCI indexed journal) have been published, which make our department cites top the list of departments of Anesthesiology in comprehensive general hospitals in Zhejiang.