Clinical departments

Stomatology Department

Department profile:There are 30 staffs in stomatology department, including 5 chief doctors, 5 deputy chief doctors, 10 attending doctors, 1 doctor and 13 masters. It is a national standardized training base for doctors. The specialty of maxillofacial tumor and oral implant is a member of the alliance with the specialty of maxillofacial tumor and implant in Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital as the core, and maxillofacial surgery is also a member of the alliance with the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University as the core. There are 12 approved beds in the ward, and the annual operation volume is nearly 600. Among them, patients outside Hangzhou account for about 40%. There are 20 dental comprehensive treatment chairs and 1 oral implant operating room.The outpatient service is open all day, and the first and follow-up visit system are implemented, and 24-hour emergency consultation is carried out. Features of diagnosis and treatment:Oral and maxillofacial surgery: Zhejiang Stomatological Association vice chairman unit. It has carried out the surgical treatment of oral floor, tongue, gingival, parotid gland, jaw, palate, neck and other oral and maxillofacial and neck tumors, as well as the reconstruction and repair of soft and hard tissue defects after the operation of malignant tumors of maxillofacial and neck,such as vascularized iliac bone and fibula bone defect reconstruction, lateral thigh flap, pectoralis major flap, forearm flap, latissimus dorsi flap, gastrocnemius muscle flap and other soft tissue defects of tongue, mouth, cheek and so on.Microsurgery technology and CAD / CAM digital technology are mature.The overall level is in the advanced position of maxillofacial surgery in China.Oral implant: One of the earliest departments to carry out implant technology in the province, and enjoys a high reputation and influence in the oral implant academic field in the province.In the past three years, the survival rate of dental implants was more than 99%.While continuously improving the treatment level, we have carried out mature and practical new technologies and new projects, such as digital guide plate implantation technology, all-on-4 technology, immediate extraction and immediate restoration technology of anterior teeth, to provide the most advanced treatment methods for patients with dentition defect and missing dentition.Prosthodontics and Orthodontics: Various restoration methods for tooth defect, dentition defect and missing have been extensively carried out. The treatment of various tooth, jaw and craniofacial deformities, such as uneven dentition, dentition space, crossbite, tooth protrusion, mandibular retrusion, cleft lip and palate. Break the bad habit of spitting, sucking and biting. Early correction of partial malocclusion.The diagnosis and treatment of patients with adenoid hypertrophy and tonsil hypertrophy in combination with nasal and oropharyngeal hypertrophy. Orthodontic treatment of periodontal disease patients. Complex patients with implant, prosthodontic and orthodontic treatment.Endodontics: Prevention and treatment of dental caries, root canal therapy, pulp revascularization.Periodontal and mucosal diseases: Sequential periodontal therapy, standardized systemic treatment of oral mucosal diseases and integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine.