Clinical departments


General Introduction

Department of Otorhinolaryngology at Hangzhou First People’s Hospital is the key specialty in Hangzhou. The department has four sub-disciplines: the otology, the rhinology, the laryngopharynx, and the head and neck surgery. There are 53 beds in the inpatient ward, with more than 3300 inpatients, over 3000 operations and about 200000 outpatients annually. The department is equipped with all kinds of advanced special medical equipment and facilities including 3D image navigation system, neuroelectric monitor, Zeiss surgical microscope, STORZ high-definition surgical system, XION ultra high-definition surgical system, high-speed electric drills, Medtronic integrated power systems and so on. As the national clinical teaching base of the Zhejiang University school of medicine, Hangzhou Normal University, Zhenjiang Chinese Medical University and Wenzhou Medical University, the department of Otorhinolaryngology always shoulders the responsibility of university education and teaching programs. Moreover, the department is also a national resident training base, and all E.N.T. teaching, clinical training and scientific research have been carried out here. Until now, there are 52 medical staffs, including 28 doctors and 24 nurses. Among them, 7 are PhD degree, 12 are master’s degree and 4 are master's mentors. Our team has passion and sympathy,equipped with skilled technology and  advanced medical knowledge, and widely recognized by domestic and international counterparts. Professor Yong Li, head of department and academic leader, is a pioneer in the early development of the nasal and skull-base surgery, especially for the treatment of refractory rhinosinusitis surgery, and laryngeal tumor excision surgery.

Introduction of Specialty

In recent years, the department of Otorhinolaryngology has gradually developed several sub-branches on the base of the ENT diseases. There are six clinical centers including audiology center, endoscopy center, snoring monitor center, allergic rhinitis diagnosis and treatment center, head and neck surgery center and cochlea implant center. We are the busiest outpatient clinic in Zhejiang province, about 600 per day, total 200 thousand annually. Meanwhile, minimal invasive surgery and radical surgery have been widely developed, among which the nasal endoscopic surgery is in the leading position. Under the guidance of 3D image navigation, even advanced nasal and nasal cavity malignant tumors can be removed through nasal endoscopy with minimal invasion and excellent curative effects. We also have accumulated rich experience in otology micro-surgery such as tympanoplasty and mastoidectomy. We also have 20 years of experience in cochlea implant, which help over 1000 deaf children restored their hearing and live a normal school life. We have promoted the radiofrequency ablation to treat the early laryngeal cancer by transoral endoscopy, partial laryngectomy, near-total laryngectomy, and simultaneously laryngeal function reconstruction has been also performed. The laryngeal function is preserved, and its mobility is the same as open surgery, improving patients’ living quality.