Clinical departments

Cardiothoracic Surgery

There are currently 14 doctors in the Cardiothoracic Surgery , including 4 chief physicians, 5 associate chief physicians, 2 attending physicians, and 3 residents. Among them, there are 6 doctors and 6 masters. There are 41 beds and nearly 10,000 cases of difficult operations in thoracic surgery have been carried out. It has a certain scale of influence among similar specialties in Hangzhou. It is the Hangzhou Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Center, the Chinese Thoracic Surgery ERAS Demonstration Project Accelerated Rehabilitation Surgery Demonstration Sub-center, and the Drug Clinical Trial Quality Management Practice (GCP) base. Clinical and basic research on chest diseases such as mediastinum, chest wall, trachea, heart and great blood vessels, advocating the development concept of specialization, standardization, scientification, refinement and humanization, and has made great progress and breakthroughs in the field of thoracic surgery and cardiac surgery