Clinical departments

Orthopaedic Surgery

Our department was established in 1950s. By the great efforts of several generations,our department has grown to a well-organized team employing over 50 clinical colleagues and staff now. The department owns 24 surgeons, including 5 chief physicians and 11 associate chief physicians, among whom 16 surgeons have obtained Ph.D..The past few years, most of these surgeons have been sent to take additional studies in many reputable hospitals domestic and abroad.Commitment to quality of clinical services,students training and scientific research,our department has been selected to the key medical discipline by Health and Family planning Commission of Hangzhou Municipality.

Hardware platform:there are over 90 authorized beds.The department owns many sophisticated equipment which leads the national levels,including three-dimensional C-arm fluoroscopy, system for percutaneous transforaminal endoscopic discectomy(PTED), arthroscope,temperature-controlled plasma radiofrequency and computer assisted navigation system for orthopedic surgeries,etc.

Leading techniques in our province:

1.Percutaneous transforaminal endoscopic discectomy(PTED):a kind of minimally invasive surgery with a short period of post-operative restoration and satisfactory curative effect for lumbar intervertebral disc herniation;

2.Low temperature-controlled plasma radiofrequency:is fit for mild symptoms of cervical spondylopathy and lumbar intervertebral disc herniation.

3.Spine non-fusion technologies:are indicated to lumbar intervertebral disc herniation in elderly patients,cervical spondylopathy,lumbar spinal stenosis and mild unstable spines.

4.PFNA or Gamma nails: are fit for intertrochanter fracture of femur.

Advanced techniques in our province:

1.Prosthetic replacement:since 1970s,total hip arthroplasty has been started successfully which has taken the lead in Hangzhou.The major surgeries of joint construction and replacement currently carried out in our department include hip,knee,shoulder and elbow.

2.Arthroendoscopy:spreads to anterior or posterior cruciate ligaments construction,meniscectomy and acromioplasty of shoulder.

3.Combined therapies for bone and soft tissue tumors.