Clinical departments

Herina and Abdominal Surgery

The Department of Hernia and Abdominal Surgery, Affiliated Hangzhou First People's Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, founded in 2015, is the first independent hernia and abdominal surgical center in Zhejiang Province. It’s also a member of the Hangzhou Clinical Peak Discipline. The department has a strong surgical team, including three chief surgeons, two associate chief surgeons, one attending, and two residents. All surgeons are with a master's degree or above, including three surgeons with a doctor’s degree. The department has a hernia specialist outpatient and a specialized inpatient ward with 20 beds. The annual operation number is nearly 1,000. The department routinely performs the following operations:

  •  Laparoscopic minimally invasive and open surgery for inguinal hernia in adults and children.

  •  Surgical repair for hernias such as abdominal incisional hernia, parastoma hernia, umbilical hernia, white line hernia, lumbar hernia, diaphragmatic hernia and etc.

  •  Surgical treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease and hiatal hernia

  •  Surgical treatment of abdominal wall diseases such as abdominal wall benign and malignant tumors, abdominal wall trauma, and rectus abdominis separation.

  •  Treatment of complications such as mesh-related infections, chronic pain and recurrence after hernia surgery.

Approved by the Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission, the Hangzhou Hernia and Abdominal Surgery Center was established in our department, and the Hernia and Abdominal Surgery Group of the Hangzhou Medical Association Surgery Branch was also initiated by our department. Our hernia center is one of the first domestic units to join the "China Hernia Registration and Follow-up System" and the "China Hernia Specialist Alliance". It is also the initiator and main undertaker of the "Difficult and Complicated Hernia Diagnosis and Treatment Group" in Zhejiang Province. We have unique experience in the operation and comprehensive treatment of complicated hernias such as recurrent hernias, abdominal wall intestinal fistulas after hernias, and hernias with serious underlying diseases. The department, with high influence in the specialist field, accepts and treats patients with complicated hernias who have been referred to other domestic or provincial hospitals throughout the year. We took the lead to carry out many new hernia repair technologies in the country or in the province, such as transversus abdominis muscle release, MILOS/E-MILOS, chemical component separation technology and external oblique muscle flap technology. A number of clinical trials of hernia are being carried out in our center at the same time.

At present, the department undertakes two provincial and ministerial-level projects, and has published more than 30 academic papers in recent years, including two papers published in the TOP journal Hernia. The leader of the department is the deputy editor of Chinese Journal of Hernia and Abdominal Surgery and has important titles in the academic organizations such as the Hernia and Abdominal Surgery Group of the Chinese Medical Association Surgery Branch, the Hernia and Abdominal Surgery Group of the Surgeon Committee of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and Hernia and Abdominal Surgery Group, the Surgery Branch of the Zhejiang Medical Association. The department regularly hosts the "Qianjiang Hernia Forum" and other highly influential national academic conferences. It has also hosted several "National and Provincial-level training course for new developments in difficult and complicated hernias" and carried out advanced training for surgeons from other medical hospitals in Zhejiang Province.